He Sucked to Survive

This older client of mine told me he had to do something recently he was not proud of to keep his job. He said he was told he was going to be forced into retirement and he couldn’t afford for that to happen and he told this to his new, younger boss. The younger boss said there was only one way he’d keep from firing him and that was if he’d agree to give him regular blow jobs. My client is not gay, and he was sickened by the idea, but he has a disabled wife at home counting on him and he needs a paycheck to survive for himself as well. He didn’t see any other option than to agree to it.

He said it began the next day at work on the boss’s lunch break. He was called into the office and told to get down and suck. He reluctantly did so, but he noticed his next paycheck was a bit larger than it had been, so he was getting a bit of a bonus for this as well as being able to keep his job. So he’s gotten used to the lunch time blow jobs. He said he’s even learned some tricks that please the boss so he blows sooner and it’s over with faster. The poor man, I felt so bad for him, but in today’s tough times, one does what one needs to, to survive.

He said as time has gone on, he even has looked forward to some of the sessions, it’s the only sex of any kind he’s had in years. His wife hasn’t been able to do anything for him and he said masturbation was pretty much it for him, so he wonders if in time the boss might want to eventually fuck him. He has no clue, but he knows he needs to keep his job. So many sad stories out there. It’s a cruel, cruel world.

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