Water Play on The Toilet

With the current toilet paper shortage due to the Coronavirus crises, ones are looking for alternate ways to clean themselves after using the toilet. Bidet sprayers are growing in popularity because of this. One thing most ladies love is a good water induced orgasm. The use of bidet sprayers is widespread in Asia and the Middle East already, and a popular way for girls to first discover masturbation. Here mostly women use water for masturbation in the shower with the hand held shower massagers. This is a new way for us to play with water and should be welcomed.

Holding open your cunt lips and allowing the water to play with your clit is a wonderfully pleasurable way to masturbate and orgasm and no doubt the men in your life would love to watch you do so. Most men adore watching women masturbate, it often leads to fucking and or helping the woman masturbate. Something you can control the pressure of the water and aim it just at the right spot, sounds like a lot of fun! I’m betting in the coming weeks and months there will likely be a lot more of these sorts of porn clips available as these sprayers gain in popularity and are more widely available.

What a fantastically clean way to masturbate as well, no fuss, no muss, just clean pleasure. No more sticky fingers, just a jet of water on your stiff little clitty. Some men also enjoy the sensation of water on their cocks when they masturbate, so it may become more popular for them as well. No matter the item, no matter how obscure, somehow, someway, someone will find a way to masturbate with it. Even if it’s a fridge or a washing machine. There are men that have fetishes about everything from cars to planes and find a way to masturbate with them. This item however will have the ladies purring like kittens as they enjoy their water induced orgasms more easily than ever.

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