I Masturbated at Work

I have been so horny lately, I’ve been masturbating more than usual. I know I shouldn’t take the risk, but today I masturbated at work in my office. I locked the door and got out my pocket sized vibe and quickly used it to cum with. It only takes me around five minutes to cum using it, so I figured I’d do it without anyone noticing, and I did. I commonly lock my door so as not to be disturbed when on the phone with important clients, so I knew that in and of itself would not raise any suspicions.

I locked it and got out my vibe, raised my skirt, put one foot up on the corner of my desk, pulled my panties off to the side and turned on the vibe. It’s a quiet little thing, so I really had no worries about being heard using it. I spread open my cunt lips, and I was already dripping. I swear I do not know what’s come over me lately for me to be so horny. I turned on the vibe and its buzz got me even more aroused, knowing the pleasure it would bring. I placed it on my stiffened clit and bit my lip to stop from crying out.

I had one leg over the arm of my office chair, the other foot on the desk corner, I began to wildly buck against the buzzing toy. It did not take long for me to cum. I could feel my pussy contracting as I came. I did not want my coworkers outside my office to know obviously. I caught my breath and then straightened myself up and went to the ladies room. I know many people, mostly men, seem to masturbate in their work offices, but there are definitely some women that are getting naughty with themselves as well.

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