Scat Phone Sex

No matter how bizarre the fetish is, there will be some into it, even if most people are grossed out by it and even downright horrified. Scat is not a fetish for everyone, in fact it’s really quite a niche, small fetish because it’s just too gross for more to be into. Watersports on the other hand has a much wider appeal. Both are gross to many, but each have their fans. Not all girls will do calls on this topic because it’s just unsavory. It’s recommended if you want to talk about this to ask first to find out if the operator is willing to.

Imagine being with a guy and out of the blue he tells you he’d like you to shit on him during sex, or some even have the fetish for eating it and want you to shit in their mouth. I cannot even imagine, thankfully no one has ever asked me that in real life and honestly very few ever ask on the phone for it and if they do I try and redirect their interests or recommend they call another girl. Some love to smear it all over themselves, their own, or their partners. There are some very depraved fetishes out there that some have.

Normal minds do not think of such things, but some, not al but some, that call are anything but normal. Are you a depraved shit eater? Do you like to talk dirty to girls as you stroke your cock and think of them using you as a human toilet? There are toilet slaves out there, how they are not all deathly ill or suffering from hepatitis I don’t know, but they exist and they want to talk about eating excrement. Depraved, degenerate souls that seek out the filthiest of the filthy, and there are girls willing to talk to them. You dirty bastard, pick up that phone and find a Mistress willing to talk to your sick self right now!

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