Soliciting The Homeless

One of my callers likes to go around to homeless women he finds attractive and make them an offer they can’t refuse. He knows they are hungry, cold, tired, and desperate and he offers them a place to stay for the night, get cleaned up, fed, clean clothes, all in exchange for sex. He’s too cheap to go to escorts, so he finds homeless women or even the occasional runaway and offers them this. Not all he’s approached are receptive, many homeless are mentally ill and he said within a few minutes or less of talking to them, he can tell if they are normal or crazy. Some are just down on their luck, those are the ones he strives to find.

Hard to think some would go to these extremes to find sex for the night, but he actually thinks he’s some sort of hero for offering them a meal and a shower and some new clothes, usually old sweats or something, in exchange for sex. It’s a wonder he hasn’t gotten lice, crabs or any other diseases from these women, a shower can only do so much after all. He said most are grateful and will give him a blow job and let him fuck them before being able to sleep on his couch for the night.

He looks at it as helping people and getting a bonus in return. People have pretty odd ideas of what help is it seems. He said he’s gone back and picked up a few of the same women he liked more than once, one even stayed for the weekend a few times. He said she gives really good head and he likes her. So men, if you’re feeling desperate and are afraid to go to a hooker, skid row is where you could be looking for a hot night of survival sex.

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