If You Don’t Do It, You’re Fired…..

A frequent caller of mine has female submission fantasies all the time. He likes the idea of exerting control over the women in his life, his employees in particular. He likely has little control in his own life, and these fantasies allow him to act out some sort of scenario where he’s holding all the cards for once.

He’s amusing and easy to deal with, as I know he always just wants a slight variation on the same set up. He likes to be the boss and having the female employees that work for him at his total mercy. Either he has caught them stealing, and they beg for him not to fire them, and of course he will keep them on, if they become his on demand sex slave.

If they decline his advances, they are not only fired, but will be turned over to the police to be criminally prosecuted, so they don’t really have any choice but to go along with his demands sexually. They think about it, but after a while they always decide to give in to keep their jobs they so very badly need.

They will be coming into work early, staying late, and likely nooners in between. By God, he’s going to make them pay for their transgressions if they want to be kept on! And of course, they are usually single, and in debt, so no way can they turn to anyone for help in this matter. He owns them and they will give in, if they know what’s good for them…..

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