What Did You Do All Day, Dear?

Some callers like to have you pretend right off the bat as soon as you answer the phone that you are their girlfriend, many times their cheating girlfriend. One caller last night wanted to be a cuckold and have me tell him about my day, the day I spent cheating on him. So he calls and asks what I did all day, so I tell him, well, actually, I was out with another man, a man with a cock three times the size of yours. A man that can last as long as I need him to and not some two pump chump like you are. Not difficult at all, lol.

He acts so shocked, so horrified, how could I do this to him, I say how could I not do it to you, you useless, tiny dicked worm? How nice it is for a change to actually feel a dick fill me up instead of not even knowing if it’s inside of me because it’s so small. He of course is getting turned on by my insults and is stroking his cock as his girlfriend tells him in graphic detail how she spent the day sucking off and fucking this other man, not giving a second thought to her undersized boyfriend.

He is so turned on, he asks if there’s any of that cum still left in my pussy, and I say why funny you ask, I just got in the door and was about to shower, but if you’d rather me wait and you come and clean it out with your mouth, be my guest. Get over here now! And so the cuckold gets a pussy still warm and filled with the cum of another man. Lord knows he doesn’t squirt much, only a few drops really, so he will be in for a tasty treat of some cuckold cream pie.

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