Life On The Farm

This caller the other night was relating the tales of his youth on the family farm and how it made him curious about sex from an early age. He would get turned on watching the animals mate and he’d often think about this at night when he’d lay in bed and masturbate. Others that were raised on farms have actually told me the same sorts of things, but this man took things a bit further. He’d gotten a very naughty idea one day when watching a young calf nurse on its mother and suck from its udder. He wondered if he could convince the baby cow to suck on his cock.

He was deathly afraid of anyone finding out, so he waited until they were gone for the day and he went into the barn and sat on a bale of hey and whipped his young cock out and lured the poor calf close and tried to stick it in its mouth. It did take the bait so to speak and it sucked on him as if it was expecting milk and he leaned back and let it suck on him until he came in its mouth. He said it was the best feeling he’d ever had, and he did it every chance he got.

He looked forward to new calves being born more than anything and doing this, since they’d lose interest to try as they got older. How could a real woman compare with Bessie? It was quite absurd, but I guess people do bizarre things when they are horny, and he loved the sucking on his cock, and he had no girlfriend yet, so I guess he figured this was the next best thing. He said he never fucked one, he thought about it, but never could bring himself to go that far, but he had hundreds of blow jobs from many calves over the years. He said he missed that the most about leaving the farm.

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