I laughed when I thought of a combination of the word cuckold and vacation and came up with cuckation. Since that’s what it would be if I took a vacation with my husband where he was going to be cuckolded. We went to the Caribbean last month and he knew the deal going in, I’d be fucking as much BBC as I wanted. His four inch penis doesn’t get me very far pleasure wise, I can promise you that much. He knows he’s a write off in the bedroom and that I need the cock of a real man sized cock to get me off, so I told him a trip to Jamaica would be a buffet of big, black cocks for me.

We fly down and right away I spotted one sporting a nice bulge in his pants, the guy that brought the luggage into the room. He could tell by the way I was eyeing his crotch what I had in mind and he said he was done for the day and I replied, “Oh no you’re not.” and grabbed him. My pale faced, tiny dicked hubby sank down in the corner chair like some old slack jawed dog watching us as we fucked on the bed.

His big nigger dick had to be nearly ten inches and my hubby was soon stroking his little dick as that cock stretched me open and I groaned with delight at finally having a huge dick in me. He beat that little dick feverishly as I took a pounding from that black dick and the sounds of his balls slapping against me echoed throughout the room. I came so fucking hard. I asked the baggage guy if he could stop by again the next day when he was done for the day and he grinned and said of course. Then my hubby tipped him as he left the room smiling.

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