If Only Callers Looked Like This

One thing some, not all, phone sex girls do is watch callers on cam as they masturbate. Some girls have literally watched thousands of these exhibitionists masturbate for them as they are giving them phone sex. Now if only all guys looked like that on cam, a lot more of us ladies would be game for watching, but as you can well imagine, these are not Versace models that are rubbing their dicks for us, most times they are older, fat, hairy and well, for lack of a better word, gross.

We will on some occasions appease you, not all girls do as I mentioned earlier. Many men seem to think it is a true privilege for us to be able to watch them rub their dicks. There have been some funny stories girl share in the forums about things they have seen during these cam watching sessions, some gross, some funny, some seemingly painful. I’ve watched a few, but rarely do, but the ones I have been memorable. A few strip teases, one with balloons clipped to himself, on the nipples and over the cock.

Most of their wives and or girlfriends would not grant them an audience like this, they are literally paying people to watch them dance around and take their clothes off and strip. Quite a comical dance once involved a towel being swished across a rear end and a baseball cap being used to cover the cock and then removed and then put back like some kind of fan dance. There really are no words when you see something like this, but it’s their doe, and if the girl is willing, put us on a show.

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