Laying The Boss

Recently I got a new job and I had a feeling when I was hired there might end up being something between me and the boss, as I found him so attractive, and I think he felt the same way back. It didn’t take long for the attraction to be realized. I had to stay late for work and he did as well, we were the only two left in the building, he in his office and me in mine, but he soon came knocking with a pizza he’d ordered to get us through dinner and continue working for a few more hours.

The pizza was great, and I soon noticed the bulge in his pants and he was looking down my blouse. It didn’t take long before my desk was cleared off and we were fucking on top of it. His cock was long and thick and filled my pussy well. He loved my tits and was squeezing them in his hands as he shoved that big dick in and out of my juicy, shaved cunt. I adored the way he fucked, I knew I’d want his cock often, we’d just have to not let the other office workers know about out affair.

We didn’t do it in the office again, too risky for being found out, so he used to stop by my place a few nights a week after dinner and I would suck his cock and then he’d pound my pussy, and then he’d shoot his load inside of me and he loved to lick out that cream pie. We had to practically ignore each other, but the passion filled nights are something else. I don’t want to make others uncomfortable at work, so it’s best to keep this a secret, but we are enjoying every minute of it.

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