A Rough Fuck

This new guy I’ve been seeing is kind of into rough sex. He asked me when we met how I felt about about it and I asked how rough were we talking here. The first few times we had sex he was pretty normal, but each time was a bit more rough than the last. I didn’t mind much or I’d have said something, but not sure how I feel about this. He asked me the other night if he could choke me and I said yes, as long as he stopped when I’d give him a signal, which he did adhere to, so as long as I can put the brakes on when needed, I’m ok with it.

Last night I was giving him a blow job and he grabbed me by the hair and started to use it like a handle of sorts and was being a bit rough, gagging me. I could barely breathe. He was thrusting his hips into my face skull fucking me, tears were rolling down my face as I gasped for air. My mascara was all running down my cheeks. He was groaning like crazy, I swear he enjoyed seeing me like that.

I soon had a mouthful of cum that was squirting out the sides of my mouth. He said it was one of the best blow jobs he’d ever had. I was then flipped over on all fours and he was hard again in a moment, and he fucked my pussy hard, the entire bed was shaking as he pounded away into my abused pussy. He did make me cum though, but I felt like I’d gone a couple of rounds in a boxing ring when all was said and done. I’m not sure how much longer I will see this guy, but it’s been an experience to say the least.

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