Sex Toy Delivery

I took some advantage of some after Christmas sales and went on a bit of a spending spree of some sex toys. They were over half off, so I got around a half dozen new toys to try out and see how they were. They arrived even sooner than expected and I was surprised when I got a knock on my door and saw how good looking the mail man was that was delivering my naughty packages. Of course he had no way of knowing what was in the box he was handing me, but he smiled and told me he hoped I enjoyed what was inside it.

I asked if he wanted to know what was in the box, and he grinned and said sure, so I opened it and showed him the treasure trove of sex toys and he started to laugh and I laughed back and said I had a fun weekend ahead of me trying them out and he asked if I’d like some help with that and I said yes. We took the box into the living room and I started to unwrap the toys and laid them out on the glass coffee table.

I sat on the sofa and lifted my skirt and began to rub the vibe over the crotch of my panties and I looked up and saw him getting hard through his pants and he unzipped his cock and started to stroke it and asked if he could help, and he knelt down in front of me and took the vibe and I pulled the crotch of my panties aside and he laid it right on my bare pussy lips and was rubbing it up and down the length of my slit and it wasn’t long until I came and after I came he offered me his cock to suck and I took it in my mouth and was sucking away on it and when he came I swallowed his load. We spent the next few hours playing with the toys and it was a delivery I will never forget.

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