The Boy Across The Road

I have naughty thoughts about the young boy that lives across the street. I’ve had my eye on him for years and now that he’s eighteen, I think I’m going to make my move on him. I don’t think he has a girlfriend, he’s shy and sweet and I want to seduce him, the very thought of it turns me on a lot.

I invited him over to help me move some furniture, I said I’d pay him a bit of money and he seemed eager to help. He was a bit surprised when he came in and I said how cute you’ve gotten, but he took it in stride. I brushed up against him several times during the day and I think he got the idea and when the time was right, I leaned in and kissed him and not long after, I patted his behind.

He didn’t stop me when I went for his young cock and I slid my hand into his pants and caressed it and touched him and I was soon sucking his cock and leading him to my bedroom and putting him on his back on the bed and straddling him and riding that young cock. He said he was a virgin and I loved being his first. He came a little quickly, but he was ready to go again a few minutes later and was able to last longer. I asked if he’d like to come visit me again and he said yes, he’d like to stop by often and I told him to come over anytime and just knock and we could play. I look forward to having him come over again.

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