Work Place Fun


Lots of callers have a work place fantasy, either they want to be the employee who is being blackmailed by their boss into giving them sexual favors in order to keep their job, the other way round, or they are just having secret sex in the office when their partner comes to visit them. Several different combos of the scenario exist. They are usually fun, since playing the older female boss of the young guy and intimidating him into servicing me sexually can indeed be fun to do.

He wants to keep tat job, I tell him unless he is basically my sex slave on demand, he’s out, all kinds of fun in such a roleplay. It’s also fun to be the woman getting seduced by her boss, since she can just as easily turn the table on him and threaten to tell wifey unless she’s given a raise, ooh and maybe she’s secretly recorded the trysts so it’s not just her word against his, she’s got proof of his cheating on wifey and isn’t afraid to use it to get what she wants. Many dynamics at play here.

The tamest roleplay is the significant other that visits, maybe over the lunch hour, and is naked under their coat and has a picnic lunch to eat, and they are dessert and they’d better be quiet, can’t have the other employees outside the locked office door knowing what’s going on in there and gossiping about it. A fuck bent over the desk, or maybe a ride in the office chair or a blow job under the desk, all can be lots of fun to entertain.

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