National Masturbation Month Is Here!


Most people reading this blog will of course be long standing fans of masturbation. The most popular and widely practiced sexual activity on the planet, yet still shamed and made fun of by many. Not everyone is going to be able to have a shared sexual encounter with another person for each and every orgasm in their life, most orgasms will be alone, it’s the shared ones that are more special.

Always take time for self pleasure, so many look at masturbation as just a quick self release, which of course at times it is, just an itch to scratch, but other times we should take the time to properly explore our pleasures and enjoy ourselves fully. When many times we are growing up and masturbating afraid of getting caught and punished or chastised in some way if we came from religious or strict homes, it’s always a race to see how fast you can finish, and this is often the cause of most men’s premature ejaculation issues in later life and it is sad.

Enjoy your body, it feels good for a reason, it’s not wrong, it’s not bad it’s just pleasure and a sexual relationship with yourself is your longest lasting and most important in this life. Many times no one can make us have a better orgasm than ourselves, we know how best to touch ourselves for the maximum pleasure. We don’t need to be in anyway self conscious of bizarre and unflattering positions we may bet into, no need to worry about flopping bits and unflattering lighting we are worried our lovers might judge us for. Just enjoy, you will be your own best sexual partner for your entire life.

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