Smooth For My Baby


I’ve kept my pussy shaved for many years, and my latest boyfriend asked if he could help me shave, since he found it arousing to do so. I knew I’d be rewarded with some fantastic oral sex afterwards, so of course I’d be all for him keeping me shaved rather than me have to do it myself. After I got out of the shower and was all dried off and clean, he had me lay on my bed on my back with a towel underneath me and he had a bowl of warm water and some shaving cream and some hand towels.

I laid back and spread my legs open wide and felt his fingers applying the shaving cream, so soft and delicate, I could hardly feel it go on. Then I felt him lightly pull the skin to make it taut and then the strokes of the razor. He made it seem a bit tickly, not rough in any way. It didn’t take him long and then he dipped one of the hand towels in water, wiped away the excess, and then another one to pat me dry and I was shaved smooth, all clean and ready to feel his mouth on me. It’s always nicer having someone else doing the shaving, it can be an awkward grooming chore.

I then felt his tender lips kissing mine, his tongue opening my cunt lips like a delicate flower, teasing my clit and making me wet. He held my lips open to fully expose my stiffened clit, which he took between his lips and then flickered his tongue over driving me crazy, my legs wrapping around his head, the back of my right foot at the nape of his neck pulling his face further into my pussy. Slithering his tongue in and out of me until I writhed underneath him and quivered until I came all over his face. Yes, it was nice having him taking over my shaving duties. I could get used to this.

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