Cock Tease

When I was seeing my first boyfriend, I didn’t want to give in too quickly, so I made him wait. One thing I would do was glide back and forth on his hard prick with my panties on. He was kind of a panty freak, and he loved my unique selections I had for his viewing pleasure. He loved the feel of the fabric against his dick as I’d glide back and forth on him. It would drive him wild. I would it he was lucky, allow him to watch me masturbate afterwards. That would usually get him horny again and I would tell him this time he was on his own.

He loved to get worked up and jerk off for me. I’d see his hard cock come back to life after I’d ridden him and rubbed my panty covered crotch all over his dick. He liked my lace panties in particular, since the coarseness of the fabric felt better on his cock than silky ones that offered his cock no friction whatsoever. I was happy to wear which ones he liked. I could cum multiple times and he loved watching me stroke my clit to orgasm and tease myself. His eyes riveted to my dripping pussy.

I’d put on a bit of a show for him and really spread wide, lips open and shiny wet from my slick juices that poured out, circling my stiff clit and then bucking back and forth. This sort of teasing play went on for a couple of months until we fucked for the first time. The first time, I let him lick my pussy, since as I was masturbating he was so turned on from watching me, he begged to be able to lick me and things soon went on from there. It was a lot of fun in those days.

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