I Took His Ass

Some guys like the lady to take control. No problem, I like being in control and showing them who’s boss. I even suggested to one of my boyfriends a while ago I thought he was lacking in confidence and dominance and I thought what he really craved and needed was a big strap on, right up his ass. The look of shock, nearly horror on his face was priceless. I loved seeing him so uncomfortable, it amused me. I told him it was time I was taking the lead in this relationship, and if he was not comfortable with that, then he’d need to get out of my life.

No word of a lie he got up and sank before me, took one of my feet in his hands and kissed the top of it and called me Mistress. I said that was more like it. He said he now accepted the dynamic of our relationship and I ordered him to crawl to the bedroom. He did as he was told. I told him to open the bag on the top of the bed and he did so without question. Inside was a strap on and harness. He arranged them and I was soon stepping into the harness and commanding him to get on all fours on the bed.

I then got the lube and moistened the toy and inserted it into his ass. He groaned, unaccustomed to it’s girth. He soon knelt down on his elbows, ass up, and took the length of it in. It did not take him long to cum, with no penile stimulation. He said he now accepted his fate as a submissive man. Thus began the education of his servitude towards me. I was in total control and I loved it. He asked why I’d waited so long to put him in his place. The time was now.

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