I Fucked My Banker

I’ve always had a crush on the guy at the bank I have appointments with when I have something to discuss financially. I know nothing can ever come of it relationship wise, but I wanted to fuck him badly. He’s mentioned before he’s the last one out at night. He works late and no one else would be there. I waited until I saw everyone leave but him and I slipped in and stood at his office door. He said they were closed and I said I wasn’t there for banking. I closed his office door and removed my coat.

I was wearing only stockings, heels and a bra and panty set under the coat. He looked speechless, yet I could also see a bulge growing in his pants. I stepped towards him and placed my finger to his lips to shush him. He didn’t say a word. I knelt on the floor and took his cock out and sucked on it, and he was as hard as a steel rod. His fingers wound through my hair as I looked up at him with his dick in my mouth and he soon pulled me up and onto his desk. He swept his arm across the desk to clear it.

I soon had my panties pulled down and his cock buried balls deep in me as he fucked me hard and fast. I clawed at his shoulders as we fucked. He bit at my neck and the sounds of our heavy breathing filled the room. He pumped into me so hard, my clit got a pounding each thrust into me and I came on his cock in a gush. I felt his cock twitch in my pussy and shoot its load into me in one hot load of cum after the next. He pulled out of me and I put my coat back on and left. He sank back down in his chair and not a word was spoken. I will always treasure my bold move to fuck the banker, it was worth it.

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