Sex on a Piano

Years ago I used to work in a bar that had a live piano player. I liked him, and we were usually the last two to leave. It would get hot in there and many times after the customers and staff would leave, I’d take off my dress to cool down. I sang sometimes and he accompanied me. So we’d be relaxing for a bit before heading home and I asked him if he’d ever seen “Pretty Woman,” he said yes, years ago. I asked him if he recalled the scene on the piano and he smiled and said yes. I asked him if he’d like to recreate that scene. He did not take long to say yes.

I was already sitting on the piano as he was softly playing out some tune known only to himself. He moved his hands from the keys to my legs and was running them up and down them and I parted my legs for him. He soon peeled off my panties and began to kiss up and down my inner thighs and then went for my pussy. I felt his warm, wet tongue open me up and caress my juicy folds. I writhes on top of the piano, my feet resting on the keys.

He made me cum with his mouth and I soon heard his zipper as he lowered it, getting his cock out. I felt it impale me and I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me. Me on my back on the piano, and him standing as he thrust into me. It was kind of an unexpected fuck, but I couldn’t say I haven’t fantasized about him before like this. I was just finally getting to live that fantasy out, and it felt good. After we finished, we straightened our clothes and then left, as if nothing had happened.

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