Fucking in the House of Mirrors

I always liked going to fairs and carnivals, and one I went to recently with my boyfriend was a very naughty little adventure for us. One of the last attractions we ventured into was the house of mirrors. I think we were around the last ones to go in, the closing time was not far off. I became enchanted with all the mirrors and our reflections in them. We’d had sex at home in front of mirrors a few times, and I always really enjoyed it. I’m very visual. I’d even talked about getting a mirror over the bed at one point, but decided against the expense.

Here we were in this house of mirrors and I started to get the same kinds of naughty feelings. I could not hear anyone else moving around inside and I asked my boyfriend what he thought of a quickie right here in the house of mirrors, looking at our reflections on all sides. My only regret being I knew we couldn’t get totally naked in case someone did come in and we had to quickly run out. He got a wicked grin on his face and said he loved the idea.

We kept most of our clothes on, I lowered my jeans around my waist and he just pulled the crotch of my panties to the side, and he unzipped himself and I was soon filled with his cock and we could watch ourselves in all the different angles from the reflection of all the mirrors. It was hot, I was really turned on and so wished we could have gotten totally naked. I fingered my clit as he fucked me from behind and I soon came and that of course triggered his orgasm. I stood up, pulled my jeans up and out we went, no one the wiser. I think I might have to revisit the idea of the mirror overt he bed. I think we’d enjoy it a lot.

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