Oooh Baby!

Who didn’t have some hot teenaged experiences? I can well recall not using birth control and telling my boyfriend not to cum inside me, so he’d pull out and squirt all over my tummy when we’d fuck. By the grace of God I never got knocked up, but it was just so hot and I always wanted him to shoot inside of me anyway. He had much more willpower than I did. He’d tease me so long, dragging his hard cock up and down my wet, slippery slit against my clit, making me beg for him to slide it inside of me.

I wanted it so badly, he’d make me cum with his rubbing his cock head against me and then he’d lick me before even thinking of putting it inside of me. He always took care of me multiple times before he’d let himself cum. He was such a good boy for me. I’m sure many of us have similar experiences where there would be that last minute pull out and get a belly or tits covered in cum as it came jettisoning out of that hard, young cock all over us to avoid baby making. That kind of risky sex can always be so hot.

Some guys also just love to cover their partners in cum just to mark their territory. Tits, face, belly, ass, they love it. Some women love to be covered in that cream, it’s like a gift from their man and they love to cherish it. Others of us, not so much. It just depends on the people involved. Some will find it highly erotic and kinky, others will find it horribly degrading, everyone has a different set of what they find acceptable and desirable. I know I found it hot, and even now, once in a while even though no chance of getting knocked up, it’s fun to have them blow their load on your tummy.

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