The Good Old Days

A caller was telling me how to this day he still fantasizes about his teenage years and the girlfriend that he had, even though it was decades ago. He would go down to her basement when he’d visit and they’d be left alone down there for hours at a time, usually watching movies or t.v., but many times things would get hot and heavy and no one ever interrupted them. He said how much he loved to get her off with his fingers. He’d be kissing her neck from behind and wrapping his arms around her and play with her breasts and then his hand would slip lower.

He said most times as soon as he felt her up over her panties she’d be wet from arousal and he’d slip his fingers inside her panties and tease her already stiff clit and smooth her juices over it. He’d often lick her wetness from his fingers, or lift his fingers to her lips for her to taste herself. He’d make her quiver from his touch and then make love to her right there on the sofa. Technically anyone could walk in at any time, but they never did.

She gave her virginity to him right there in her basement with her parents upstairs. They would kiss for hours, getting so close to cumming without even touching below the waist, and then they’d be so heated up, it didn’t take long once they began to actually fuck for them to cum. That extreme buildup can be very sexy and lead to a blockbuster of an orgasm for sure. That kind of intensity we have in our teens is usually never again matched in life. Hence why memories of teenage sexual experiences last with us a lifetime and always hold a special place in our hearts.

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