Killing Time

Last week my boyfriend and I were driving out of town for a wedding and we had car problems. We called the auto club and they said it would be a good two hours until they could send someone. The road we were driving on was not that busy, we were bored, so what were we to do? We got in the backseat and killed the time the most fun way possible, we fucked. I knew the windows would soon be steamed up, so there would be little chance of anyone being able to see inside, and honestly, the cars on the road were moving, so unless they downright stopped and looked, they wouldn’t have seen anything other than a rocking car.

We were both aroused, since we’d been busy the last few days and hadn’t had time t fuck, this was the perfect time for us. There was a few hours, we were horny, so why not? I began by sucking on my boyfriend’s cock, which I always love to do. He’s got a nice, long, fat one and I love slurping away on the head of his dripping shaft. It always makes my pussy so wet to do so. I love drooling all over the head of it and getting it all wet for my waiting pussy.

After he shot his first load down my throat, I knew he’d be hard again in a few moments, and as usual, he didn’t disappoint me. I sat on the edge of the seat, legs spread open wide as he plunged into me. The sound of the occasional car whizzing by as he fucked me, the rocking car, it was all kind of hot. Even though we were finished fucking by the time the auto club knocked on the window, since we were in the backseat, they knew what we’d been up to, I’m sure of it!

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