Masturbating at Auntie’s House

This one caller that is very much into panties was telling me how he was house sitting for his aunt and he wanted to try on her panties and masturbate on her bed. He also said she has the whole house under security camera surveillance and he was worried if he did something and got caught, it would be his complete ruination and humiliation. The aunt would find out and tell her sister, his mom. I fully encouraged him to rummage through her panty drawer, pick a pair and masturbate with them on her bed. He was too afraid to do so. I called him a chicken shit for being not brave enough, lol.

He confesses to all sorts of nasty things he does. He lives in his mother’s basement and they have a laundry chute, and it conveniently drops the soiled garments right into his living area and he takes full advantage of that. He said many times rather than letting her panties to go into the washer, he launders them by hand and hangs them to dry and she has no idea he’s doing such things to her dirty underwear. If a new nightgown comes down the chute, you can rest assured he will be trying it on before it goes into the machine to be washed.

I told him I hope he’s wearing one and she comes down to get him for some reason and he doesn’t hear her and she sees him standing there wearing her new nightgown. That would be hilarious. She’s apparently quite a religious woman and it would horrify her even more than it would the average, non religious mother. I so want him to get caught and then hear about what humiliating actions were taken against him he says he’d get tossed out of the house for such transgressions. Oh well, such are the risks a perv takes when indulging their lusts.

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