Take It Off, Take It All Off…

stripper 2

One of the more common fantasies of women is apparently to strip in public. Now not many women have a stripper body, that is for sure true, so I’m assuming part of their fantasy is to also have a new body to go along with their fantasy. The whole exhibitionism thing is fairly popular. Lord knows men all seem to want to show off on cam and display their goods to the world, but some women think about it as well.

The difference is most men will show you what they’ve got if you ask. Most men will whip it out in 5 seconds flat if you ask for a cam show, the ones I run across anyway. Perhaps the average Joe you run into at WalMart might not be as willing to drop his drawers and stroke one out for you on demand as the pervs online I come across on an hourly basis. Would be an interesting an experiment to go to WalMart and ask a few men if you could watch them masturbate and see what happens. I’m still betting most would say sure, where can we go?

Ladies on the other hand don’t have that as much in them, some sure, there’s always some crazy bitch that will do anything, but the fantasy to be a stripper for most will remain just that -a fantasy. Now online sex toy stores, and I’m sure non online ones as well, have been carrying more and more of the “home stripper poles”. These are actual poles that you can install in your home, bedroom, basement, etc. That you can then do a little jig for your man around and see if you get him going. I’m guessing with the way most people are built these days it would be more pathetic/comical, but hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

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