Let Me Fix What’s Under Your Hood


Many gals have the blue collar worker, tradesman fantasy. How about the hot mechanic that fixes your car? You just know he’s good with his hands, and my oh my, what those hands could do to you given the chance! I recall reading poorer men have hotter sex lives than wealthier ones, likely all the stress they have and are looking to work out, but with the prices most tradesmen charge these days, the plumber and electrician are far from poor, they are better off than most workers, whether they are working with their hands or not!

I am thinking many ladies would be pleased to let them use their hands on them, sounds like the beginning of a porno movie, eh? The cable guy that came to see why your reception is acting funny and you end up giving him a blow job after he fixes you up with some free premium movie channels, right? Blue collar workers can just seem more physical and sexier than the doctors and lawyers, they just don’t seem to have the passion in them that the tradesman that slaves away all day working with tools does for some reason, you just know they could make you cum harder than the accountant could, right?

You see them under the hood of the car, all grimy and greasy and working away, knowing just what knobs to turn and which bolts to tighten and you just wonder how they’d fare under your skirt the same. They’d likely know how to get the job done until you were satisfied, same as when they fix your car and make it purr like a kitten, they’d make you purr like a kitten too.

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