Many girls in the phone sex world offer blackmail and slave contracts. Some clients love to be at the mercy of another person. I don’t get into that, but some clients have insisted on giving me personal info about themselves and even if momentarily, it is fun to ponder what we could do with such info. One gave me his Facebook log in and had me log in as him and said I now had the power to mail everyone on his friends list and tell them what a pervert he was calling sex lines, his girlfriend included, and I did have that power. Another gave me the log in to his Hotmail and said I could do the same thing to his contacts list.

Obviously I never did them, but I had the power to do it and therein lies the appeal to these men. Married ones that tell you all their secrets, the escorts they see, the fantasies they talk about, you have their real name and info, you could contact their wives and shatter their marriage with a 5 minute phone call to them. They adore the idea that someone has this control over them that they hold all the power over them. Most girls would never use that power, since we’d then lose them as clients, never earn another dime off of them, and possibly face legal consequences, but they like knowing that we CAN, it’s all a game to them.

One sent me pics of himself in high heeled shoes laying on his and his wife’s bed, and said I could email her the pics and she’d recognize the bedspread under his legs and know it was him dressed up, silly men. They get so embroiled in their fantasies, they get worked up to a tremendous degree with all they fantasize about. The relinquishing of control over to a phone girl is a heady and powerful thing to them they go wild over, knowing we hold their perverted lives in our hands, like puppets.

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