The Appeal Of The Virgin


What is the appeal of a virgin to some men? Well they know they are disease free for one thing. Men also for the most part have a conquering attitude, they like to conquer something that before now has not been. To know they are the first one to have had this woman. I’ve obviously talked to lots of guys, and even ones that have slept with a good number, many of them have never had a virgin.

It is indeed more and more rare these days to find a girl that is before someone else has “conquered her”. And what about the even more rare mature virgins? Do they have a shelf life of desirability to them? Are there that many takers to a 50 year old virgin? She might be pure and disease free, but wouldn’t most guys think there’s “something wrong with her”? That no one has fucked her at this point in life? Maybe she’s crazy, maybe had a sheltered life, lots of reasons people haven’t had the opportunity. Maybe she’s waiting for love and sadly there has been no guy interested in her and she doesn’t want casual sex.

I read an article recently and people are delaying the age of first sex, and there’s more adult virgins around than ever before. The period of adolescence has been extended and there’s no shortage of gals in their 20’s, and men as well, that haven’t done anything sexually except maybe with their own hand. The appeal of the virgin isn’t for everyone, some guys would rather an experienced lover that will get them off no matter what, they don’t have the patience to deal with a newbie in the bedroom that might, God forbid, get emotionally attached to them.

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