Super Orgasms From Superheroes


Perhaps the latest offering to the movie going public of “Superman” has fueled the latest fantasy I have heard about. A man called last night with talk of Superman and a kryptonite cock ring. How they come up with these things, I will never know. I very well might be afraid to find out…I see enough into the abyss of their dark, perverted minds as it is! Well, the lady that had poor Superman in her bed with a kryptonite cock ring would indeed have him at her mercy.

I’d think Superman would indeed be a more than proficient lover, he’d never have stamina issues, and lord, imagine that tongue flickering a mile a minute! OMG!!!!!!! I’d think Lois Lane would be a very happy lady in the bedroom for sure. He could just keep going and going and going, no ten women would be able to keep up with him. Superman really would be ideal in many ways, but not many of us mere mortals could satisfy him. I must admit, one of my strongest and longest childhood crushes was indeed on Christopher Reeve, the one I will always think of as Superman, no matter how many remakes they make. I had my bedroom walls covered in Superman posters, and kissed one of them frequently. Ahh, the innocence of childhood.

Imagine how many orgasms a superhero could give you, and yet it’s always mortals in the movies that fall in love with them, not other superheroes. I’d think the kryptonite cock ring would weaken the poor man, but I think the man that came up with this had the idea more that he’d be under their control with it, a way to have your power over Superman. It is indeed an interesting idea to be sure. Until then let’s all fight for truth, justice and the American way…

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