Rough Sex


Rough sex is a pleasure for some. I guess some gals are into it, but more men seem wish to unleash their inner beast. I can’t even count the number of guys when I mention my hair is nearly waist length how many talk about fucking me doggy style and pulling on my long hair and tugging on it like reigns, snapping my neck back and treating me like their whore. One guy said we could make love like I wanted 85% of the time, soft and gentle, but 15% would be rough. This was someone I spoke with online, not in person.

Before he’d said he’d even broken up with a girlfriend in the past since she wouldn’t have rough sex with him. I don’t understand why anyone would want rough, if you love someone wouldn’t you want to be sweet and kind and gentle? I guess men really are from Mars and women from Venus. Just totally different outlooks on things. I don’t understand the appeal of being like that, maybe it makes them more animalistic and brutal and cum harder, I guess only the ones into it can answer what the appeal is for them.

Rough throat fucking or skull fucking seems a bit extreme, how could a woman be getting pleasure from being used in so rough a fashion. Maybe some like to be used and abused and serve like cock craving slut, the BDSM scene is a big one, so there’s plenty into rough and extreme sex, humiliation and domination. I’m too lovey dovey for my own good…As long as everyone consents, have at it.



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