Like A Virgin

to boldly go

A fantasy for some men is to have a virgin. Not all, but some. I have even seen on dating sites some men that have they do NOT want a virgin. I think they likely think of it as too much work, too much responsibility, they don’t want the inexperienced girl possibly falling in love with them, all kinds of emotional ties and upset as a possible result, etc. But some do like the idea of purity, the idea that no man has touched this girl before, that they will be the teacher to her and show her the ways of sex.

I recall one guy I used to chat with said he’d had a few past girlfriends that were virgins and that within weeks he’d turned them into sluts and cock worshipping whore’s, they love that can do this to a girl, it gives them a power over the women, turning them from chaste virgins into debauched whore’s after a mere few weeks of their tutelage. I can see that would be a power trip for sure and he loved it. A few other guys have said the same sort of thing to me as well, a virginal woman just needs the right guy to turn her into a sex crazed bad girl. I think in many cases that certainly could be the truth!

The idea of being the first to do anything sexual to them would be a real rush I am sure. You wouldn’t need to worry about any disease, could do anything and have total control since they’d have nothing to compare you to first hand. Several tiny dicked clients said they were glad their wives had been virgins so they didn’t know how small they were in comparison to other men. The poor women had no idea they were bring shortchanged in any way. Sad for them, really.

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