The Power Of Nature

Do you ever fantasize about making love during a thunderstorm? The wildness of nature going on all around you as you unleash your own wildness within…Some love to have sex during a rousing storm. The cracks of thunder, the bursts of light piercing the darkness illuminating for a split second the passion between you and your partner. The rivulets of rain coursing down the window panes. Nature can be a powerful thing, and some say the power that results from a storm can make for an extra intense encounter.

Some couples make sure and get together during a storm to make things extra hot. I’m not saying to go out and make love on the front lawn in the rain and chance getting hit with lightening, but just the natural intensity storms can provide can bring an interesting equation into the mix.

The power of storms can be exciting, even if alone, a good thunderstorm can be arousing. If you have someone, why not make a date for them to come over during the next storm and see if it spices things up at all. If the wind is blowing in the right direction, open the window and feel the air blowing over the two of you, listen to the thunder, keep the lights out so when the lightening strikes you will get that flash of light. Smell that freshness in the air that comes with such a storm. It can all be a very earthy experience you will enjoy together.

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