He Fucked a Gymnast

When I was in school, like many girls I took gymnastics. I might not have been the best, but when it came to being flexible, I was extremely flexible. This had many benefits to my future sex life even after I stopped doing gymnastics. I could do the splits incredibly well. One of my first lovers was a friend of my father’s. My father had sent me over with some papers to sign and he invited me in and things quickly turned naughty between us. He complimented me on my figure, and I knew most people were astounded to see how well I could do the side splits, so I asked him if he wanted to see something neat. He said sure, and I did them right there on his floor.

He had this funny expression on his face and then I noticed he started to get hard in his pants. His crotch was just above my face level as I was on the floor. I knew this had aroused him and I laughed and got up. He asked me if I found him attractive, and I did and said yes. He reached over and pulled me close and kissed me and soon we were stripping down and he asked me if I’d ever fucked in the splits position. I hadn’t, but was willing to try.

He sat on the sofa and had me get on top of him and he helped position my feet on the arms of the sofa and we began to fuck. I cannot say it was the most comfortable position I’d fucked in, I wasn’t too experienced at this point. We did however make it work and he helped lift me up and down on his cock, and after we were finished, he licked my pussy clean of all of his cum he’d shot inside me. He did have a talented tongue, not a doubt about that! Being flexible has it’s rewards.

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