He Serves the Blacks

One of my callers, a self professed panty wearing sissy, was telling me how he serves a black couple. He sucks the cock of the black man, and licks the pussy of the black woman. He goes over to serve them when called upon. He knows he is a gross and pathetic man, but cannot stop himself from worshiping the black cock of his master. He wears his panties and lingerie when he does these foul deeds and feels like such a beta slut. He goes home and puts on his mothers dirty panties he finds in the hamper and licks them. His mom of course doesn’t know anything about it. He said she’d kick him out if she found out about his kinks.

He can’t stop thinking about the huge, black dick that he goes over and gets down on his knees to suck and lick and he says when the cum shoots into his mouth he is disgusted with himself, but he swallows the load anyway, he can’t resist it. The black man will fuck his wife in front of the sissy, then he goes between her legs and licks out the still warm cum that’s been deposited there. He’s sickened by his actions, but cannot stop them. Before he met them, he frequented glory holes and sucked off random men’s cocks that would come through the wall.

So many are sick, yet they keep repeated their perverted deeds. Many love to be humiliated for their actions. He says he’s a religious man as well, so it’s even harder for him to come to terms with his actions. He said he’s gone to church with his mother and sung hymns all while wearing her dirty panties under his pants, and no one knows. He calls himself a sinner and worries he will go to hell for his many perverted behaviors.

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