Sex in the Sand

I’m lucky my family has a cottage at the beach and we go there all the time. I used to take boyfriends there as my own private little love nest. The family never knew about that of course. There was a stretch of beach that was private, and many times I’d go out there with my boyfriends and we’d make love on the beach. You did usually get sand in all the wrong places of course, but then you could shower off afterwards and wash it off and out of yourself. Thank God for shower massagers, they are not only good for masturbating, but getting sand out of all the nooks and crannies.

The shore washing up and tickling my toes as I rolled in the sand with one boy or another as he cock slid in and out of me, the sun beating down on us, or sometimes the moon with a glow. The sound of the waves and the seagulls, the stars in the sky, it really is a wonderful way to make love, under the open sky out in nature. Raking my nails up and down their back as we rolled around, legs intertwined, them pumping harder and harder into me.

Sex outdoors is a whole sensory explosion. Sex in bed is fun of course, but outside, there’s just so much going on, it heightens the entire experience. I just love it. It’s a wonder my family never found out. I was nearly caught a few times, but not quite. I even used to enjoy masturbating outside on the beach when it was deserted, it was on private property, so it’s not like there were many people going by that might see anything, so you could pretty much do what you want and not get seen by anyone. I highly recommend it if you have the privacy to do so.

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