Men Attracted to Smelly Women

Some men are not seeking a fresh out of the shower lady to have some fun with. You might be thinking, oh sure, a day without a shower, I like them then. Some are even more extreme. I get this call last night from a caller, and he’s called before, and he asks how long is the longest I’ve ever gone without a shower? I said well, how ironic you should ask, since I just had surgery last month and I was in such bad shape and so weak, it was nearly three weeks. I’ve never felt like such a disgusting grub in my life. Thankfully I work at home, live alone, and no one had to suffer my stink, lol.

I was so weak, it was literally all I could do to wash my hands after using the bathroom and to brush my teeth, that much I managed, the rest, I could not. I literally was on verge of collapse. I smelled God awful. I got a bit of strength back after that time and ordered a shower chair and was clean from that point on and quickly regained my strength and got back to normal. He was practically shaking with arousal as I told him my sad tale, telling me he’d love to lick my three week unwashed pussy and underarms.

It’s hard to imagine anyone would truly want this, yet I’ve heard the desire for “fishy pussy” before, so he’s certainly not alone in his bizarre fetish. Dirty feet, unwashed pussy and ass, stinking underarms, to some men, they are more arousing than the most expensive perfumes you could purchase. I don’t know where they’d get their fix, some would skip an occasional shower, but when you’re talking weeks, I don’t even want to know. Homeless people? No clue who they are getting their love on with to indulge this fetish.

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