I Fucked the Trainer at the Gym

I love working out and I love fit bodies on men. This new trainer at the gym I’m at has a fantastic body. As soon as I first saw him, I knew I wanted to fuck him. One night he was closing up and I was one of the last out and I stopped by for small talk. He knew it was just an excuse to flirt with him, he came right out and said he’d seen me admiring his body. It was a vain thing to say of course, but he had a great physique and he knew it. I smiled shyly and nodded.

He led me to a backroom that had a daybed in it, he said sometimes the owner who was from out of town slept there. He laid me down and took off his shirt, I looked at his gorgeous washboard stomach and reached out for him. He soon stripped off my shorts and tank top and removed his own and climbed on the bed. He was a real feast for the eyes, so I definitely wanted to watch as he fucked me. He slid his hard cock into my pussy and I gasped at its girth as it entered my wet cunt.

He placed my feet over his shoulders and really pounded my pussy. My tits were shaking back and forth as he drilled into me repeatedly. I came so easily with him and he wouldn’t quit. He just kept on fucking me until I felt another orgasm welling up inside of me and he commanded me to cum and I did. It was incredibly hot and as I looked and saw the beads of sweat on his perfect form, I was just so turned on. He fucked me over and over all night, and by the time we finished it was nearly dawn. It was one of the hottest nights of sport fucking I’d ever had.

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