Let’s Get Physical

Many people make New Year’s Resolutions, but not everyone sticks to them. I however have. I joined a gym and have been going twice a week. Perhaps the fact that the instructor I have is gorgeous helps a bit as well. I had this dream about him and couldn’t stop thinking about him afterwards. I even dreamed about us fucking and now I want to make it a reality. The problem is I think half the other females in the class have the exact same aspirations! I was discussing it with one of the other ladies and she’s got the hots for him as well.

I got bold and asked him over for a drink and answered the door in a very sexy outfit. He looked aroused judging from the bulge in his pants when he saw me. He said he’d been working late and his shoulders were all sore, so of course I offered to give him a neck massage and I hoped it would go further. My hands wandered down his chest from behind and I was so bold as to give his bulge a squeeze. He did not stop me from doing so. I unzipped him and let my hand wander into his pants and he leaned back and groaned with pleasure. I jerked him off, leaning over his shoulder and asked if he’d like to take things into the bedroom. He stood up and smiled and took me by the hand and I led him there.

I laid him on the bed, totally taking the lead and undressing him. Then I undressed myself and I got up and straddled him. His cock was rock hard and I sank down onto it, filling myself with his turgid manhood. I slowly began to rock back and forth on top of him, my tits in his face and his cock rubbing my clit. I squeezed my cunt muscles and knew I was going to explode. He grabbed me by the hips and thrust upwards into me, I came clenching his cock within me and he shot his milky load into me. This was by far the most fun I’d had working out with him yet.

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