I Fucked The Man I Babysat For

I used to babysit a lot for extra money on the side and some of the dad’s were pretty hot and also sex deprived. So many of the wives were cold and I know many of them were not servicing their husbands. That’s where I came in. I looked after their kids and I fucked their husbands in many cases as well. Funny I was doing a lot of the wifely duties and no benefits of marriage. Sometimes these useless wives would go away overnight to visit a sister or mother or something and I’d stay the night. Sometimes the dad stayed as well, he just didn’t want to deal with the kids for the entire time the wife was away.

Several times when the kids were asleep one of the dad’s would make their way to my room for some comfort. I liked this one dad so much, I used to fantasize something would happen to his wife and I’d step in and take her place, aren’t I awful? He had a nice dick and I loved to suck on it. He said his wife hadn’t done that in years. I was happy to do it. He’d give me tips and was really nice to me, he was also great at licking pussy, which he said she wouldn’t let him do either.

Every chance we got we would go at it. I loved paying him attention he was so lacking at home. He’d fuck me in the car sometimes when he’d drive me home after sitting for the kids. It was usually a quickie since of course he had to get back home to the wife that never gave him any love, yet he wouldn’t leave for anything. Makes me wonder what some men use for brains. I have many fond memories of the times we fucked and played.

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