Playtime At The Office

I used to work on my summer break during college at a law office and I was pretty friendly with a couple of the lawyers there, they seemed to like me as much as I liked them and they were generous as well and always giving me tips and little gifts. One night I was finishing up some work and one of them was still in the office and we decided to get a pizza and finish our work together and once the pizza was finished and the work was done, we celebrated by being a little closer than perhaps we should have been.

He pulled me into his lap in his office chair and kissed me and soon I felt his hand under my short skirt touching me over my panties. I’d seen him staring at me before, but hadn’t thought much of it, but he was an attractive man and I assumed like most older men, likely being deprived sexually by his wife, I was more than happy to give him some attention and let him touch me. His fingers found my pussy and began to rub my stiffened clit and I was soon begging him to slide that dick inside of me, which he did.

I straddled him on his chair with my legs over the sides and rode his sweet cock for over a half hour, he could really last and I came several times. I loved how he fucked and we had many hot, late nights there in the law office and no one was the wiser, but I think the cleaning staff may have had an idea, as they were the only ones prowling around the building at the late hours when we would leave, but his office sure saw some hot times from the two of us that summer.

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