My Sexy Massage


I decided to treat myself to a massage for my birthday. I have only ever had a few massages, I just can’t justify the expense of such an extravagance that often, so it’s a very rare once in a while treat every few years. There was a new spa in town and I’d heard from a few different ladies that it was great, so I decided to try it out and see what all the fuss was about. I am glad I chose to go there after my experience there.

I had an afternoon appointment and went in and was greeted by an attractive lady who led me into the rub down room and I then undressed and got up on the table. A few moments later another equally attractive lady came in and introduced herself and dimmed the lights and lit some candles, put on some soft music and began to rub me down with some wonderful smelling oils and her hands moved like magic over my tired, aching muscles. It was without a doubt the best massage I’d ever had. I certainly didn’t think to speak up when she started moving her hands over my breasts, kneading them and making the nipples hard and then down my tummy and she eased my legs apart.

I opened them fully and her hand worked their magic between my thighs as well. My clit was already stiff as she started to rub it. Her fingers started to dart in and out of my wet, oiled cunt and I felt a wonderful orgasm welling up inside of me. It was strong and she didn’t stop her movements. I was breathing hard, panting even and she kept at it and all of a sudden I felt myself go over that edge of orgasm and contract around her still moving fingers and I came and came and was even wetter. I couldn’t believe it, but it was fantastic. I gave her a tip and not a word was spoken.

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