Bigger, Blacker, Better


One of my long time clients is very much into BBC, big, black cock. He’s a smaller guy, only around 5’6, and is attracted to huge, hung, black guys over 6’4 and with cocks the size of forearms. He’s actually emailed me pics of some of these guys he’s played with. Some he’s paid, others he has gotten to play with him for free. Some of the dildos he uses are beyond huge and he said one took over four hours to get inside, it was over thirteen inches long.

Their cocks are as big around as a can of pop, not sure how anyone could accommodate such a monster, but some certainly look at it as a challenge to try. The size of some of these cocks is not to be believed, they should be in some freaks of nature website pictorial. He calls and goes on about how badly he wants them to stretch him open, even crying about it, the desire is so great. Sobbing because he doesn’t know if he can in fact take the big, black cock inside, but he will try.

Some men into BBC do not consider themselves gay, many would be classified as bi, since they also on occasion have sex with women, but most of them seem to also have very small penises. BBC porn is their staple, and their own inadequate cocks in comparison is enough to drive them to uncontrolled sobs of anguish. There seems to be a good number of BBC escorts out there to satisfy these men, and no shortage of ads on classifieds sites in the personals sections.

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