Stolen Moments


I was working in this new building after I got promoted and I wasn’t familiar with any of the people there even though we worked for the same large company. This one guy was really good looking and we worked on the same floor and often were in the elevator together and exchanged glances, I got butterflies in my stomach when I was close to him and I wanted him to contact me in some way so badly.

One night after work, it was late, I’d stayed later than normal to finish up some work and he and I were the only ones in the elevator and we were only in there for a minute or so before it stopped. I used the elevator phone to call down to the main desk and was told it would be an hour until the repair crew arrived and to sit tight, but we’d likely be in there for a good ninety minutes total. What to do. I needn’t have asked, since when I told him what the front desk had said, he scooped me into his arms and pressed me against the wall and kissed me very passionately.

His hands were all over me, my nipples grew hard, like his cock I could feel pressing against my front, his hands were under my skirt, and my panties were soon pushed to the side as he fucked me standing up, there were almost no words, just hands, mouths, fingers, tongues. He knew I wanted it just as badly, maybe even more, than he did and we fucked like animals until a few minutes before the elevator was once again working normally around eighty minutes later. He came home with me and we continued our exploration in my bedroom until the sun came up.

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