Thank You For Being A Friend


A caller recently said to me, thank you for being my friend. I nearly cried at that, yet I knew they were sincere. Several callers over the years have said something similar. Many don’t understand not all men are calling up to masturbate, they are simply lonely, in many cases isolated and friendless, they have been rejected by women and are not popular people, they are socially awkward, yet have a need to communicate and talk to people, they just haven’t had either the luck or social skills to have that in their life.

Some confess things they have done that would have gotten them into trouble if anyone would have found out, things they have never told another living soul. They feel the need for a confessor in their lives and are often too ashamed to seek the mental help they truly need, so they turn to phone sex girls and seek some sort of comfort in unburdening themselves of this guilt they carry around for their thoughts or actions.

Ones in society that may look down upon a phone sex girl as a sex worker, or an internet prostitute, and believe me, some absolutely think that, we do serve a very important need for these men. The secrets and fantasies they carry, they cannot tell without almost certain consequences their partners these things. So we become their online friends, to some their online girlfriends and confidantes. “Phone sex” is often a lot more than meets the eye. We will give you our attention and help as best we can.

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