Rub Down Pleasures


Many callers tell me they go for regular massages, some go to legit places of actual registered massage therapists, others go to the shady ones filled with Asian women with no such degrees that are just basically there to rub and tug and get them off. One the other day had gone to a legit place and was given a male massage therapist and like George in the Seinfeld episode, “It moved.” He said the therapist hadn’t done anything questionable, nor did he make any requests for a happy ending, since he knew he’d likely get tossed out if he had, but he fantasized about what would have happened if he had, and that was what the call was based around.

He was laying on the table and imagined if at first sign of arousal, which he’s sure the masseuse saw, if he’d had his towel removed and the man had undressed and continued the massage with both of them nude and then he had to suck the guys cock right there as he lay on the table. He wanted to feel the man’s throbbing cock in his mouth and have to suck on it, feel it going in and out. As his own well oiled up cock was getting worked on.

He wanted to be made to roll over and have his ass cheeks spread and the guy fuck him after lubing up his ass, getting pounded right here on the table as the others in the building had no idea as their massages went on that he was getting fucked up the ass by one of their fellow employees. He liked to think he was special and that not all the guests got this sort of attention given to them. He said it was hard not reaching out for the masseuse’s cock as he was getting worked on, oh well, temptation is everywhere.

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