Second Childhood


In a unique spin on the typical ABDL calls I get, which stands for adult baby diaper lovers, most callers that talk about diapers like to be wearing them themselves. They either wear them when they masturbate, or wet or mess in them. I have one caller though that isn’t interested in wearing diapers himself, he likes to talk about girls wearing them. He was even watching some porn of two girls diapering each other.

He enjoys me talking through the entire process of diapering a full grown woman, from baby wipes, baby lotion, powder, a cloth diaper folded in a triangle and a safety pin closure, like the old fashioned kind before disposables. He likes to hear of me tickling them until they wet themselves in the diaper, and other childish things as well. Such as playing with her feet and toes. Like “This little piggy went to market…” He loves the ending and likes it emphasized, the “wee wee wee all the way home.”

It’s sort of mystifying what could be sexually arousing about that, but strange things do appeal to some people. It turns them on and you can hear them moaning and groaning as they masturbate as you repeat these things they request back to them. Another client I do audios for has me sing children’s songs he’s rewritten the lyrics to to fit his kink, also about diapers and toilet training and spanking, with him always as his former 3-5 year old self reliving it all again. Some are most definitely stuck back in an earlier time.

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