Getting Off In The Shower

Masturbation is a wonderful activity, and variety in how you do it can absolutely make things a bit more exciting. The location for instance, doing it in bed is likely the most obvious choice, but doing it in the shower sometimes keeps things exciting and fun as well. The types of dildos that have a suction cup base can be lots of fun, either sticking them on a hard horizontal surface like a table, or vertically to a surface, like a shower door or wall. You can then ride hands free and either stimulate your clit, your breasts, your ass, all kinds of possibilities.

Men love the idea of watching a lady masturbate in the shower, every guy I’ve mentioned it to that I do it, with the shower massager, likes to hear in graphic detail all about it. I don’t have one of the suction cup base types, but there’s clients I’ve watched on cam that do, and they back their asses up to the wall and have at it, pushing enormous dildos up their ass and stroking their cocks at the same time, it hits their prostate, so that way of masturbating is not just for horny ladies in the shower.

The varieties of toys is amazing, but one caller that has that type says he sticks it to a large barrel and rides the barrel. Now who keeps a fifty five gallon drum in their bedroom, I do not know, I’d never heard of such a thing until he said he did, but if one wants it, it’s your house, have at it, ride like the wind.

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